One Saturday Night

In February of 2012 we asked a bunch of our friends and relatives from around the world to record their activities on Saturday night. And then we made a film out of that.

This film was shot by 32 people from 17 places in Canada, United States, France, Costa Rica, Grenada, Bahamas and Taiwan. Thank you to everyone who helped out on this project!

Thank you to Sigur Rós for allowing us to use their song Sæglópur from the album Takk...
Visit for tour dates and tickets. They are fantastic, they sometimes sing in a language they themselves made up and their tour the world every so often.

Thank you to NASA and Mike Fossum for capturing the breathtaking timelapses of Earth from the International Space Station.
Visit for photos and videos from the ISS.

P.S. As for cameras, we have incorporated footage from every and any kind of camera - from cellphone cameras, to smartphone cameras, to point-n-shoots, to Nikon and Canon dSLRs, to GoPros, to even a 3D Samsung camera, with all sorts of varying frame rates and frame sizes.