Aleksey Matviyenko - Director's Reel (2014)

Graphics and Editing of the reel is by Aleksey Matviyenko.

Footage compiled from various projects, including:

• Wrong Turn Into Tomorrow (2014)
Director + Writer: Aleksey Matviyenko
Producers: George Macharashvili, Madison Weir, Aleksey Matviyenko
DoP: Adam Cooper

• A Joyful End (2012)
Director: Aleksey Matviyenko
Producer: Kristin Elsley
DoP: Thomas Lee

• One Saturday Night (2012)
Directed by Aleksey Matviyenko and Thomas Lee
Footage shot on location by 32 people from 17 places in Canada, United States, France, Costa Rica, Grenada and Bahamas.

• TEDxYouth@Toronto 2013 promo video
Director/Producer: Aleksey Matviyenko
DoP: Jordan Kennington

• Ongoing Untitled Travel Project shot and directed by Aleksey Matviyenko

Music is by CMA - Moments (nExow Remix)
Creative Commons license: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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